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Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank tool that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Internet, gathering good Internet links, and turning them into online learning activities. In the end, you'll create a web-based activity you can share with others even if you don't know anything about HTML or serving web pages.

Please note:

  • To "Start a New Page" requires a unique password.
  • If you already made a page using Filamentality, you cannot "Start a New Page" with the same password.
  • You can use the same username over and over.
  • You can use an existing page to create one of each of the formats. For example, if you create a hotlist; you can then use that hotlist to create a hunt, a scrapbook, a sampler, and a webquest. This will automatically populate your next format with your hotlist URLs.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What about that crazy name?
Filamentality combines the "filaments of the web" with your "mentality" allowing you to create a variety of formats that meet your personal or learner needs.

Who's Supposed to Use Filamentality?
You! That's who if you are a teacher, a student, a media specialist / librarian, or a trainer, this site was designed for you in appreciation for all you do as an educator. We reserve the right to not publish or remove any page that does not appear to offer any educational value.

What if my students don't finish an activity or need to hand it in?
It's possible to print out an activity once students have filled in answers to questions by using the browser menu (File, Print). It's also possible to cut and paste into a word processing editor and then complete the work offline.

May I add graphics, sounds, or fancy fonts?
We are sorry, but no you may not. We'd love to allow you to add graphics. Unfortunately, we have no way of monitoring the type of graphics that you use. We can't be responsible for the appropriateness of graphics or the copyright issues. When you're ready to customize your page with graphics and other media, it's time to download it and serve it from your own network or Internet site.

What's my URL and how can I find my page on the Internet?
Once you get to the "Quick View" section, your site is on the Internet for anyone to see and use. Your URL is given to you at the top of the page in bold lettering. If you can't remember your URL, you can search Filamentality using the KNE Search page.

How can I get my password or username?
You can email our Keeper of Lost Passwords and we will search for your password and username. Any information you can send to expedite this process will help. For instance, if you know the URL of your site, if you think you might have used "Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss," or if you changed your email address since you created the site.

What if my page is gone?
That usually means that you did not log in for at least 400 days. Viewing your page on the Internet is not the same as logging in. When you log in using your username and password and cycle through the publishing process, you generate a fresh creation date. Every three months, all pages over 400 days old are deleted from the active file directory and moved to the dead file pile.

Why aren't my changes (edits) showing up?
Most likely, this is a cache problem. Internet Explorer can be especially aggressive in storing cached (old) versions of web pages. For more information about cache, see our page on clearing cache. If you are trying to clear a fill-in-the-blank space, you might need to enter a single space in order to wipe out any text you had previously entered.

How long will my page be available?
We will store your file in Filamentality for at least one year. Please read our posting policy to find out how you can keep your file active for longer than a year.

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