A Treasure Hunt on Are You a Witch

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Gateway Middle School

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Using the Web allows you to discover way more than you may have ever thought possible and is a great complement to the materials found in the library. Below is a list of questions about witches. Use the internet resources sites to answer the questions below, don't forget the big question.

  1. A. Where you accused of witchcraft?
    B. How could you change your fate?

  2. A. How many people lost their lives during the Witch Trials in 1692?
    B. According to Matherís 1689 account of the Boston witchcraft case, how did the childrenís behavior mimic those of animals?
    C. In Ann Putnamís 1706 apology, what reason did she give for her actions?

  3. A. What ailment did Rebecca Nurse that ight have made it hard for her to adequately answer questions during her trial?
    B. What is ironic about Sarah Good's last words on the gallows?

The Internet Resources

The Big Question
How legitimate were the Salem Witch trials? Were those accused actually witches? What caused an entire town to get caught up in the hysteria of the trials?

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