Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs- tell me about dinosaurs!
an Internet Treasure Hunt on Dinosaurs

created by Gwen Gibbes

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Run, Run faster! Time to learn about the dinosaurs. Use the links on this page to learn more about dinosaurs- where they came from and the species of dinosaurs. There's a lot to learn in this information age - learn about the age of dinosaurs too! Using the Web allows you to discover tons more than you may have ever known possible. Below is a list of questions about the topic of this page.


  1. A. What is a Dinosaur?
    B. Why did dinosaurs go extinct?

  2. A. What are some of the names of dinosaurs?
    B. Are all dinosaurs land-bound or do some of them fly?

  3. A. Where are two places that the “Allosaurus” dinosaur lived?
    B. What are two periods that the dinosaurs lived in?

The Internet Resources

The Big Question

What are three main aspects of this topicinterested you most? What are two things that you learned about dinosaurs that you did not know before?

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