The Salem Witch Trials
A Treasure Hunt on Salem Witch Hunt

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Use the Internet links below to uncover some surprising facts about the Salem Witchcraft Trials. Below is a list of questions about the this topic. Each Resource Link is used to answer two or three questions. After finding all the answers, move on to the Big Question to bring your ideas together in a broader understanding of the topic.
Have fun learning about an important event in our history!

  1. Who was the four-year-old girl accused of being a witch?

    *Who was the first 'witch' to be hanged on Gallows Hill?

    *Who was the Boston Minister who spoke out against the Witchcraft Trials?

  2. *When physicians were unable to determine any physical cause for the symptoms and dreadful behavior of Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams, what did they conclude that the girls were under the influence of?

    *Who was officially the first person to be executed during the Salem witch trials?

    *What impact did Thomas Brattle's letter that criticized the witchcraft trials have on Governor Phips?

  3. *How did Tituba make herself a likely target for witchcraft accusations?

    *What happened to Tituba after she recanted her confession?

  4. *How old was Ann Putnam, Jr. at the time of the outbreak of witchcraft accusations?

    *Who was the chief filer of complaints in the village?

    *Why did Ann make a public apology in 1706?

  5. *What was Giles Corey's punishment for refusing to stand for trial?

    *Where was Giles Corey buried?

The Internet Resources

The Big Question
Think about all the information you have read about the Salem Witchcraft Trials. How would you have felt if you had been a part of these trials-either as an accused witch or as a spectator?

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