Hunt for Titanic
A Treasure Hunt on Titanic

created by Mr. David Lowe
Gateway Middle School

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The web is a great place to learn about information. Use the links provided below to answer questions about the Titanic. Don't forget to answer the big question.


The Internet Resources
  • Become a Passenger on the Titanic - Pick one of five passengers aboard the Titanic during its maiden voyage. This person will walk you through his or her journey aboard the ship. At the end of the journey, you will find out the name of the passenger you chose. Plus, you will find out if they lived or died.
  • BioCube - Create a Bio-Cube about your persons life
  • Take a Virtual Dive to the Bottom of the Ocean - Dive to the ocean floor to view the Titanic.
  • Ruth Becker's True Story - On the Titanic at age twelve, Ruth Becker gives her account of what happened that dreadful day
  • Hidden Expedition Titanic Game - This is a great game for young 'Detectives': 'Do you have a keen eye for details? See if you can locate lost items on the Titanic!'
  • Titanic Puzzles - Can you solve the puzzle?

The Big Question
What did you find most interesting about the Titanic? What changes were made for cruise ships after the Titanic tragedy?

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