Charles Dickens: The Victorian Age
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Introduction | Charles Dickens | Child Labor in Victorian England | Daily Life in Victorian England | Victorian Fashions | Victorian Christmas

The class will research the life and times of Charles Dickens. Students will work together in groups to research the following topics:

1.CHARLES DICKENS: Find out about his life, career and famous works. What types of things did he write about? What influenced his writings? Why was his father put in prison?

2. CHILD LABOR IN VICTORIAN ENGLAND: What 'revolution' contributed to the problems of child labor? Describe the factory conditions and the laws. Include information about the following: parents, children and factory owners, work hours, workhouse children, scavengers, etc.(Example: You may want to treat this like a news report or documentary on the problems of children in the workplace. Be creative. Make this interesting instead of just reporting facts.)

3. DAILY LIFE IN VICTORIAN ENGLAND: When was the Victorian Age? Where did the name 'Victorian Age' come from? Include the following information in your project: roles of men, women and children, social classes, diseases, inventions, jobs, leisure activities, etc.

4. VICTORIAN FASHIONS: Be sure to include the styles for men, women, and children. Include the differences in the social classes.(Suggestion- Fashion Show)

5.VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS: Charles Dickens has been credited with sparking a renewed interest in Christmas. Find out how the Victorians celebrated Christmas. Why did Charles Dickens write 'A Christmas Carol'?

The material will be presented to the class in a PowerPoint presentation. (Hints for a good PowerPoint presentation - use a large font, key words or phrases not paragraphs, take the time to find pictures that will enlarge well, do not go overboard with animation, avoid busy slide construction.)


Slides (3-5 per student)

Work Cited Page* (Each group must turn in a work cited page. A minimum of one book and one Internet site is required from each student.)

*Use the Fill-in-the-blank forms to record the sources.

*** See media specialist for handouts with suggestions on information to include in presentations.

EVALUATION: Projects will be graded on the following:

INFORMATION (50%) (correct and interesting)

The Internet Resources

Charles Dickens

Child Labor in Victorian England

Daily Life in Victorian England

Victorian Fashions

Victorian Christmas

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