The Causes and Events of the Napoleonic Wars
an Internet Sampler on Napoleonic Wars

created by Martin Coughlin

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This web page is designed to educate students on the causes and events of the Napoleonic Wars. The links chosen are informative and thorough, and are appropriate for ninth graders and above. There are also pictures, maps, primary documents, and letters that could aid in the learning of this fascinating period in European history.

As well as relevent information in regards to European history, this page also addresses some historical content standards for grades nine through twelve: 'Historical Research, Evidence, and Point of View'; and 'Historical Interpretation.'

Internet Activities

The French Revolt and Empire

  1. After reading this page, what do you think are the differences between the periods of the 'French Revolution' and the 'Napoleonic Empire'? (List at least five)
  2. Why was Austria in conflict with the French?
  3. Why was Great Britain in conflict with the French?

The Napoleonic Code

  1. What was the principle tenet behind the institution of the Napoleonic code?
  2. What year was the Bank of France created?
  3. In the Napoleonic Code, were women allowed to independently trade property?

War of the Third Coalition

  1. What was the significance of the 1805 'War of the Third Coalition' in the overall early success of the French army?
  2. Who was the 'The Unfortunate General Mack'?
  3. Who won the 'Battle of Austerlitz'?

The 100 days

  1. What island was Napoleon banished to prior to his 100 days.
  2. Was there any fighting that took place on Napoleon's march to Paris?
  3. Do you think that the eventual conclusion of the 100 days could have been avoided?

Napoleonic Wars Quiz

  1. Take the quiz on the Napoleonic Wars to test your knowledge of the era.


Hopefully through these exercises, you have now gained enough knowledge about the Napoleonic Wars to understand its significance in the scheme of world affairs.

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