A Scrapbook of Conic Section Examples
Web resources for creating a Multimedia Scrapbook on conic examples

created by Susan Polk

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Back in the old days before 1994, students had to use textbooks, magazines, television and the library to collect information. These are still good things, but now you can also use the World Wide Web. Explore the Internet links on this page and look for good examples to show to your friends and/or parents.

Keep this question in mind as you work:

We will study the equations of conic sections....why do this except for the SOL's or it is course requirement? Think about the examples you find today and search in your world from now on for links to conic sections. You will be amazed how many you find!


  1. Explore the Internet sites linked below. You're looking for facts, quotes, examples, images, sound clips, videos, and animations that you think are important aspects of the topic.

  2. When you find something you like, check its Web page for a copyright notice. Often, students are encouraged to copy things that will only be used in the classroom. Sometimes people don't want their work copied at all. A good practice is looking for an e-mail link on the page and then using it to ask permission.

  3. Copy any text you want by dragging across the words, then using the Edit - Copy command on the menubar. Paste what you highlighted into a basic text editor, word processor, desktop publishing program or multimedia program.

  4. Save images you like by downloading them. Paste the images you've downloaded into a multimedia, paint or desktop publishing program (like HyperStudio, Clarisworks, or PageMaker) or use one of the graphics viewers listed as Tools on this page to display your collection of images.

  5. Be prepared to cut anything that copyright owners tell you they don't want you to have.

  6. Once you have collected your information, go over it carefully so that you can give clear and thoughtful reasons why you found the things you collected especially important.

The Internet Resources


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Grabbing Web Images
Follow a friendly step-by-step tutorial on how to grab images from the Web.


Software for image management

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