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All living things are made of cells and in this webquest you will discover what cells look like, what they do, and what they are made of.

Your task is to research organelles, complete the accompanying worksheets, make 'trading cards' and produce a PowerPoint presentation.

1. Compete Cell Organelle Research Worksheet
2. Make 'trading cards'
3. Produce a PowerPoint presentation

Phase 1 - Background Information
These sites will help you complete the first part of your assignment. Make sure this worksheet is done before you continue on your assignment.

Phase 2 - Roles
Make 'Trading Cards' using the directions on the second worksheet. DO NOT PRINT UNTIL ALL CARDS ARE COMPLETE.

Phase 3 - Reaching Consensus
Produce a PowerPoint presentation. Use the information from the trading cards to answer the question, How is a cell like a school? Whats like the nucleus in a school? Use the third worksheet to help you complete this part of your assignment.

Now you should know how important cells are and how they work. You will be graded on your trading cards and you PowerPoint presentation. See the rubric on how points will be awarded.

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