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Statistics is te study of data analysis and its interpretation. This done by using range, mean, median, and mode. Statistics are used in every aspect of our daily lives, particulary in sports. In todays society everywhere you turn statistics are mentioned in conjunction with sports. Many times a players salary is determined simply upon their statistics and how they are interpreted.

The Quest

Your task is as follows. Find 4 athletes from the same sport that make the same amount of money per year. Then you will find their individual mean, median, mode and ranges over the past 3 seasons in any 3 statistical categories in that sport. Thirdly you will graph your findings. You should have 12 BAR graphs, one each for range, mean, median, and mode in each of the 3 statistical categories that you have chosen. You must compare 3 statistically categories. On each graph you will have all 4 players. Finally you will report your findings and decide if any of the players are over paid or under paid based upon their statistics.

The Process and Resources

In this WebQuest you will be working together with a group in your class. Each group consist or four people. Each group will come up with a summary to the task that is put before you. You must compile, and organize your data into bar graphs. Then interpret your data by writing about your findings.

Phase 1 - Background: Something for Everyone

Use the Internet information linked below to answer the basic questions of who? what? where? when? why? and how? Be creative in exploring the information so that you answer these questions as fully and insightfully as you can.

Phase 2 - Looking Deeper from Different Perspectives

There are four people per group, and the task requires you that research four athletes. First you need to decide what sport you will be discussing. Since all four athletes must be from the same sport. Once a sport is decided on, and four athletes of comprable salaries, each group member should research a player. All four group members should be working on research for a different player.

role, job or perspective #1

#1 Decide on a sport to research and four athletes in that sport that make about the same salary.

#2. The group then must decide on 3 statistical categories that they want to compare.

#3. Each group member should be assigned a player to research.

#4. Each group will then collect data on their player over the past 3 seasons for the categories that are working with.

#5. Then each member will find the athlete's mean, median, mode, and rnage in those categories over the last 3 years.

#6. Once that is completed you are to have your numbers verified by at least one other group member.

#7. When all data is collected, mean, median, mode, and range is found, and double checked, then the group can start making the bar graphs.

#8. Each group member will assigned to make one type of bar graph. Either the mean, median, mode or range. Once they are assigned each person will make 3 bar graphs; one each for all 3 statistical categories. All four athletes are to be included in the graphs.

#9. Finally the group will come up with a 5 page paper. This paper will include your process, what you found, and what your interpretations mean. Your final summary should include if any of your players are over or under paid.

role, job or perspective #2


role, job or perspective #3


role, job or perspective #4


Phase 3 - Debating, Discussing, and Reaching Consensus


Phase 4 - Real World Feedback

Now that you finished this webquest, hopefully you will see how statistics, and numbers are used in the real word. Math, numbers, and statistics are used everyday and we cannot escape them. It was my hope that by completing this webquest you will come to appreciate how and why math is so important in our everyday lives.

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It is my hope that now students will know why math is taught in school. Statistics are used in many aspects of our lives. This could be done for almost any aspect of life.

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