Creating a Number the Stars Picture Book
An Internet WebQuest on Number the Stars

created by Ryan Pues
Carroll College

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Have you ever wondered what a novel would look like as a picture book? In this webquest we will actually find out. After reading Lois Lowry's novel, Number the Stars, students will create a picture book about the story. By creating this picture book, students will gain an understanding of what is needed to write, illustrate and publish an actual book.

The Quest

Create a picture book of Lois Lowry's Number the Stars.

The Process and Resources

1.) Read Lois Lowry's Number the Stars.
2.) Review the book, and important events from the story.
3.) Review story structure.(Beginning, Middle, End)
4.) Put students into groups of three. (Writer, Illustrator, and Publisher)
5.) Have them discuss the book, and what they might include in their book. They must include three actual events from the novel. The book should be no more than 15 pages. The book should include a cover page listing the writer and illustrator's names, the publishing company, price of the book, as well as the title and an illustration. Also included is a page that lists information about the publishing company, and a page on the back cover about the author/illustrator.
6.) Let them go to work, answering any questions they may have about the assignment.
7.) Once they have done all their individual tasks, bring them back together to put all the pieces together to make their book.
8.) Grade the book using a rubric including spelling errors, did they include three actual events, book organization (cover, publisher page, about writer/illustrator) and neatness/creativity.
9.) Have students read their books to the class.
10.) Discuss the process of creating their books and how difficult it actually was and tie it to the real life process of writing, illustrating, and publishing a book.

Phase 1 - Background: Something for Everyone

The internet links below are good references to the Holocaust, to see actually pictures from this time period and read about actual stories. Also, there is a Number the Stars summary included for you to refer back to when completing your individual roles.

Phase 2 - Looking Deeper from Different Perspectives


1. Individuals or pairs from your larger WebQuest team will explore one of the roles below.

2. Read through the files linked to your group. If you print out the files, underline the passages that you feel are the most important. If you look at the files on the computer, copy sections you feel are important by dragging the mouse across the passage and copying / pasting it into a word processor or other writing software.

3. Note: Remember to write down or copy/paste the URL of the file you take the passage from so you can quickly go back to it if you need to to prove your point.

4. Be prepared to focus what you've learned into one main opinion that answers the Big Quest(ion) or Task based on what you have learned from the links for your role.


Your role is to write the story in a simple picture book from hitting the main parts of the story. You need a begininng, middle and end to the story. You must include three actual events that happened in the story. The book should be no more than 15 pages in length. Use the links below to help you remember the story. You will also have to write the cover page for your story including your name, the author's name, publishing company, and the title of the story.


Your job is to come up with a creative name for your publishing company, publishing company symbol, where your company is located, the price of the book, and an author illustrator page. Use the link below to look at a publishing company to get some ideas. Once you have come up with your ideas for your company, create a page to go in the book. Naming your company, where it is located, and draw you company symbol somewhere on the page. The price of the book will go on the cover page, as well as your publishing company name. The author illustrator page will go on the back cover of the book. Talk to the author and illustrator about what they want this page to say.


Your job is to draw the picture book. You are going to have to work with the writer so you can draw the scenes that they are writing about. The links below should help you get an idea about what people may have looked like, and the clothes they wore. You will also have to draw the cover for the picture book.

Phase 3 - Debating, Discussing, and Reaching Consensus

Once students are done completing their individual tasks, they will regroup and put their picture book together.

Phase 4 - Real World Feedback

After completing this webquest you will have an understanding of the actual process used in writing, illustrating, and publishing a picture book.

Your Contact is: the designated contact


By completing this picture book, you will know the many difficult processes used to write, illusrate, and publish a picture book. You also have some idea of what a picture book of Lois Lowry's Number the Stars may look like.

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